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I Saw This on the Interwebs and Thought of You

By On December 31, 2014

Or at least I was bored and stumbled upon some semi-interesting bits of cyclo-centric newslets. Curtis Keene, or “The American Dream” as he’s known, is a regular on the Enduro circuit.  He… Read More


MTBVT Christmas List

By On December 23, 2014

So yeah, Christmas is this week and as usual we’re not even close to being ready.  And by ready I mean ready for the Christ-athlon of present swappage; we already have our… Read More


Of Gravel, Winter & Training

By On December 18, 2014

So I’m still stuck in the indoor rut. In a way it’s good, I’m riding inside, which means I’m riding.  But I’m still not riding outside.  Somewhere between still being exhausted from… Read More