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December, 2011


2011 in Pictures

By On December 30, 2011

Through some incredible highs and lows this blog has been a cathartic creative outlet for me.   Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more rambling posts, random images and self-deprecating… Read More


Distraction, Procrastination and Projects

By On December 27, 2011

In between work, Christmas shopping and some occasional relaxation I’ve been making my way back into being an athlete.  Last week I got in four workouts in a row- some on the… Read More


2012 Sponsor Announcement- Maxxis

By On December 23, 2011

Most things will be staying the same next year as far as my bike and equipment sponsors go, but I am going to be riding different tires.  For the 2012 season I… Read More