This Ends Here

By October 25, 2014 Uncategorized

So…turns out I’m really fucking burned out, and I’m done racing.

Somehow I end up getting into a spot where I feel like I need to race because I have fitness but am fairly low on the commitment scale.

The blog will remain online of course.  More to follow, so stay tuned.

The Pro-35 Gentlemen’s Racing Weekend- Done & Dusted

By October 20, 2014 Uncategorized



So that was hard, and hard was the point.

Last year I made an effort to semi-promote a ride weekend around here with fast guys of similar ability on cool local terrain.  It went well, and with all of the craziness of this year I dropped the formal organization and just went with a straight ride program this year.

A full write up will be posted after I get a little more time to recover.


‘Cross In Its Place

By October 7, 2014 Uncategorized

Oh, cyclocross.

My last ‘cross race was 2012, and before that my last full season was 2010.  Gloucester kinda reminded me why I’d made the decision to step away in the first place- it’s brutally tough, I’m buried in a bloated, cutthroat, sketchy category with a million other guys throwing elbows in every corner.  In traditionally un-cyclocross conditions it all came apart, and my low-expectations plan completely blew up.

Fortunately I’ve got some recent PRs on local trails and one more marathon to go before the snow flies.  It seems weird to get excited about the Circumburke, but that’s where I am.  After that it’ll be ‘cross time full-on until I get tired of it, which could be just one race.  Any of that will be gravy, and really at that time of year people will be so burned out and tired of racing that any fitness and freshness will be a huge asset for me.  It’ll be less about racing and more about obesity resistance intervals, and I’m OK with that.

Meanwhile I’m still trying to make up my mind on this whole disc brake ‘cross thing.  It sucks for the road, and I’m going to fight having it jammed down my throat.  So far it’s been OK for ‘cross- quieter than cantis, but the stopping isn’t a whole lot better for the weight and complexity.  For traditional frames it adds a ton of weight so any neo-retro setup is pretty much out.

Once I sort out what I want maybe I’ll finally get that Moots ‘cross frame that’s been dangling in front of me for years.  I just have to make sure I know what I want it to be first.

Like this, but in blue, obviously.